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For more than 40 years, Safecor Health has been the national leader committed to providing unit-dose repackaging services that allow pharmacists to focus on patient care by outsourcing the challenging and time-consuming tasks of packaging. Today, Safecor Health provides unit-dose repackaging services to over 1,000 hospitals across the country and repackages for more than 75% of the U. S. News & World Report “Honor Roll” Hospitals.

Operating out of two state-of-the-art packaging centers, the Safecor Health team has deep expertise in pharmaceutical packaging, pharmaceutical distribution, health care information technology, group purchasing organizations, and the operation of hospital pharmacies.

Packaging Services

Safecor Health is committed to improving the supply chain and continually invests in new packaging technologies to automate processes and improve packaging efficiencies. By leveraging a Safecor Health relationship as part of the overall unit-dose strategy, our customers have been able to:

  • Save on drug repackaging costs
  • Reduce packaging errors
  • Improve medication and patient safety
  • Free up staff for more critical, high-value responsibilities


Contract Packaging

Our contract packaging helps manufacturers, GPOs and wholesalers bring products to market through our unique combination of packaging excellence and supply chain expertise. Our customers can increase their cost savings by limiting the investment needed for equipment, inventory and supply chain logistics. We offer small- and medium-sized runs for:

  • Oral solid and liquid unit-dose packaging
  • Kitting for drug device combinations
  • Unique requirements for pharmaceuticals

Commercial Unit-Dose Products

Safecor Health offers an expanding portfolio of commercial unit-dose medications. Our unit-dose products help customers reduce packaging requirements while providing the highest-quality product.

Quality embedded in all we do.

Safecor Health is registered with the FDA and DEA, holds State Boards of Pharmacy licenses in all 50 states, and adheres to cGMP requirements and guidelines for packaging processes, expiration dating and packaging components. We invest in training and education for every employee and ensures, through competency assessments, that our staff perform processes according to prescribed operating procedures.

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