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Pharmaceutical contract packaging

Simplify your operations and reduce packaging costs with Safecor Health contract packaging services.

Safecor Health provides comprehensive pharmaceutical contract packaging solutions for assembly, labeling and packaging. Our unique combination of packaging excellence and supply chain expertise allows us to help pharmaceutical manufacturers bring new products to market while still managing the packaging needs of existing products in their portfolio.

Solutions to meet your pharmacy’s requirements

Our contract packaging services offer the flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of customer oral solid and liquid unit-dose cup volume needs. We can manage small-, medium-, and large-sized packaging runs and can scale with our customers as they grow.

Not sure if we can handle your packaging requirements? Just ask!

Our contract packaging team collaborates with you to create high-quality, customized packaging solutions.

Capabilities and services

Oral solids

Single-dose and multi-dose sachets


Unit-dose cups
Oral syringes
ENFit syringes

Controlled substances

C-III through V

Vitamin and supplement packaging

Medical device kitting

ISO 13485 certified
ISO class 8 cleanroom

Nationwide wholesaler distribution

In addition to packaging, we are licensed as a drug wholesale distributor throughout the U.S.

Our customers include but aren't limited to:

All of our packaging services adhere to the unique requirements set forth for pharmaceuticals and can help improve label and product standardization. Safecor Health is cGMP compliant, FDA and DEA regulated, and compliant in CFR 201, 211, Part 4 and 820. Our packaging processes follow all current FDA, USP, ISP, cGMP and any specific manufacturer packaging requirements. We use stability testing on our various packaging formats as necessary to ensure quality, safety and regulatory compliance.

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