FAQ for Medication Repackaging Services


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What do I need to do to set up a new account and get started ordering?
Can I have my drug order sent to Safecor Health by my wholesaler?
Does my wholesaler work with Safecor Health?
How is Safecor Health licensed?
Does Safecor Health support the repackaging needs of multi-site and multi-state health systems?
Are there any drugs that cannot be repackaged at Safecor Health?
How does Safecor Health charge for its services?
Does Safecor Health repackage Hazardous Medications and help with USP<800>?
Does Safecor Health repackage Schedule II (C-II) drugs?
Does Safecor Health repackage light-sensitive drugs?
Does Safecor Health repackage Pediatric Standardized Doses?
Does Safecor Health utilize Tall Man lettering?
Who pays the freight for orders that are repackaged at Safecor Health?
How are completed repackaging orders shipped back to my pharmacy?
Does Safecor Health have a minimum order?