Repackaging Capabilities

Repackaging Capabilities

Our broad portfolio of unit-dose packaging formats and configurations helps institutional pharmacies develop a comprehensive unit-dose packaging strategy. This helps free up valuable pharmacy resources and improve quality and patient safety while reducing unit-dose drug purchasing costs.

Unit-Dose Oral Solids

Safecor Health’s oral solid unit-dose packaging provides a range of packaging options including unit-dose strips and robot-compatible packaging.

Liquid Unit-Dose Cups

Our liquid unit-dose cups deliver an accurate dose to the patient and are available in hospital-specified dose and multiple cup sizes.

Oral Syringes

Our unit-dose oral syringes include a bar-coded flag label and tamper-evident overwrap bag that is also labeled and bar-coded. Our amber oral syringes are available in several sizes ranging from 0.5 mL to 20 mL.

ENFit Oral Syringes

Our services include repackaging medications in NeoMed ENFit syringes. ENFit syringes are available in several sizes ranging from 0.5 mL to 35 mL with your desired dose size and bar code. Purple ENFit tamper-evident caps are also available upon request for controlled substances.

Robot Packaging

We offer robot-compatible packaging, robot bar codes and robot overwraps. Repackaged robot medications come on a cardboard tube to facilitate robot replenishment.

Controlled Substances

We repackage most C-II and C-III through V oral solid and liquid medications into unit-dose to deliver the lowest cost-per-dose in unit-dose for institutional pharmacies. Repackaging controlled substances with Safecor Health helps address regulatory compliance and the increased packaging risks associated with controlled substances.

Hazardous Drugs

We repackage many hazardous drugs on the NIOSH list to address the USP <800> packaging needs of institutional pharmacies.

340B Hospitals

We support the unit-dose repackaging of 340B purchases for Covered Entities (hospitals) through their wholesaler via 340B/GPO/WAC bill to/ship to ordering accounts that are integrated into a hospital’s existing split-billing system and accumulators.

RFID Tagging

RFID tags allow hospitals to reduce the time and error associated with manually restocking pharmacy kits and anesthesia trays. Safecor Health provides RFID tagging services for specified vendors (ex. Kit Check) so that fast-moving products arrive at your institution pre-tagged and ready to replenish into specific kits via the vendor’s software.


Safecor Health supports the unique handling and dating requirements of various respiratory medications and provides a unit-dose package with a bar code in flag-label or over-bag formats.