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Large Hospitals and Health Systems

Capture significant savings and learn how unit-dose drug repackaging services will benefit hospitals and health systems with more than 300 beds

Whether you are a hospital pharmacy director, manager or buyer, you have many responsibilities. In addition to your daily tasks, you must always be on the lookout for new methods to cut or save costs, improve quality, enhance patient safety, streamline efficiency and operations, all while keeping up-to-date on ever-changing regulatory issues. Safecor Health can help.

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Is your hospital pharmacy wasting valuable time and resources on managing drug repackaging in-house?

Our eBook details how a strategic repackaging partnership can optimize operations and ensure resources are used efficiently.

Unit-dose repackaging is more than a quality and safety issue. It's a cost savings strategy. Ready to put that wasted money back into your budget and free up your pharmacy staff? Simply fill out the form to start your cost savings analysis!

Consider our Resource Directory as your personal toolkit to help address these many challenges.

Do you need to find ways to allocate staff resources more efficiently? We have videos, ebooks, articles and infographics full of ways to streamline operations.


How about keeping up with regulatory challenges? Don’t worry, we can help with that, too.


What about reading case studies about other hospitals who made the switch to outsourced unit-dose repackaging? It’s all here.


If you are ready to learn how to save as much as $400 to $700 per patient bed, then fill out our form to get started to see how much your facility can save by working with Safecor Health.

Significant Cost Savings with Safecor Health

Safecor Health’s repackaging services help hospitals and health systems capture significant savings — without incremental packaging costs to the hospital. In fact, the average annual cost savings opportunity ranges from $400 to $700 per patient bed for hospitals with more than 300 beds.

Your job has unique challenges. Safecor Health has the solutions.

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