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Pharmacy Buyers

Find a smarter, safer way to save money and time with unit-dose drug repackaging services from Safecor Health

Increase operational efficiency. Improve patient care. Maintain inventory. Reallocate the pharmacy staff. Keep up with regulatory challenges. Find ways to cut costs. What if you could find a way to save money and resources without sacrificing quality or compliance? With unit-dose drug repackaging services from Safecor Health, you can. By outsourcing unit-dose repackaging, you can reduce the equipment and labor expenditures of packaging in-house. In fact, working with Safecor Health can lead to average annual cost savings from $400 to $700 per patient bed.

Outsourcing drug repackaging optimizes pharmacy operations and enhances patient safety

Safecor Health follows FDA, USP, cGMP and manufacturer packaging requirements.

Our repackaging and bar coding formats support most pharmacy systems and scanning hardware. This not only saves time, but it can save your pharmacy as much as 50% or more versus packaging in-house.

Safecor Health tracks each NDC and lot number for every medication that we repackage, so if there is a recall, you'll be notified.

Our commercial unit-dose products bring added value to your hospital pharmacy

Our expanding portfolio of commercial unit-dose products helps pharmacies reduce packaging requirements while providing the highest-quality product.

Top 10 oral solids and liquids that save you money

Top 10 controlled and hazardous substances that save you money

Tell your pharmacy directors and managers what they want to hear:

Switching to Safecor Health saves money.

Switching to Safecor Health saves labor time.

Switching to Safecor Health ensures quality and compliance.

Safecor Health can even repackage most of the hazardous drugs on the NIOSH list because our facility is already compliant with USP <800> standards.

Download our Pharmacy Buyer Toolkit for tips to talk to the pharmacy director and manager and helpful resources to influence change in your pharmacy.