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The insights you need to maximize drug cost savings and operational efficiency.

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$400-$700 average annual cost savings per patient bed​

Not your average cost savings analysis

At Safecor Health, our goal is to make your life easier and help you save more. And part of that means making sure you’re maximizing cost savings with strategic drug purchasing and packaging decisions.


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Your strategic roadmap to savings

SafecorInsights™ identifies specific drugs that provide considerable cost savings if purchased in bulk and repackaged with Safecor Health versus purchasing the commercially available uni-dose alternative.

Improve purchasing practices

Develop effective packaging formularies

Capture continuous savings

Step 1:

Your hospital provides Safecor Health with a 12-month purchase history and drug price file.

Step 2:

SafecorInsights uses your drug purchasing data to run the analysis.

Step 3:

Your hospital receives a detailed analysis to maximize drug cost savings and operational efficiency.

How much could your health system save?

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