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The strategic, system-wide supply chain solution.


SafecorLogics™ is the innovative new packaging and logistics solution for health systems that increases their bottom line through reduced drug spend, less waste, and optimized pharmacy staffing and operations.

With SafecorLogics, your health system can store and supply repackaged unit-dose products to multiple locations from our warehouse. Backed by more than 40 years of expertise and driven by your health system’s purchasing data, SafecorLogics helps consolidate order volume across numerous hospitals, standardize items, reduce drug and packaging costs, and improve staffing and buying consistencies.

Reduce drug

Reduce drug

Improve pharmacy operations

Step 1:

SafecorLogics starts with an in-depth system-wide savings analysis of your purchasing data to identify opportunities to get you the biggest return on investment.

Step 2:

Your health system places a system-wide repackaging order through your wholesaler.

Step 3:

Your order is delivered to Safecor Health and repackaged, quality checked, and stored in our finished goods warehouse.

Step 4:

Your hospitals use our online portal to request your repackaged products and they are shipped the same day directly to the hospital.

Step 5:

Your health system monitors your repackaged inventory and places bulk replenishment orders as needed.


Imagine a better way for your health system.

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