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Save time and money with outsourced pharmaceutical repackaging

When you factor the cost of pharmacy labor, materials, equipment and maintenance, it’s easy to realize in-house repackaging may not be the best option. There is a cost-effective, high-quality method for repackaging your drugs — leveraging a packaging partnership with a third-party unit-dose drug repackager.

Hospital pharmacists should devote their resources to their patients. Our unit-dose repackaging services reduce the challenging and time-consuming tasks of packaging medications inside the pharmacy. We offer a broad portfolio of unit-dose packaging formats and configurations to help institutional pharmacies develop a comprehensive unit-dose packaging strategy.
With Safecor Health’s pharmaceutical contract packaging services, manufacturers, GPOs and wholesalers can rapidly expand their unit-dose commercial offerings without additional capital investment needed for
equipment, space, personnel, and supply chain logistics.
Outsourced drug repackaging helps save $400-$700 per patient bed annually.
Reduce Waste

Quality, safety, regulatory compliance and expiration dating supported by stability testing

Improve Patient Safety

Quality and medication safety translates to improved safety for patients, too

Free Up Resources

Reallocate valuable pharmacy personnel and capital resources to other critical areas

Prioritize Quality Assurance

Meets FDA, USP, ISMP, cGMP and manufacturer packaging requirements

Utilize Bar Coding and Labeling

Supported by most pharmacy systems/ scanning hardware and meets regulatory compliance