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Unit-dose drug repackaging services

What if you could find a way to save time and money without sacrificing medication or patient safety? With unit-dose drug repackaging services from Safecor Health, you can.

Safecor Health offers a safer, more cost-effective and higher-quality method for drug repackaging. Outsourcing unit-dose drug repackaging can help reduce the burden of packaging in-house and eliminates packaging equipment, packaging materials, and labor costs.

More than cost savings, repackaging with Safecor Health allows pharmacy staff to focus on what truly matters: the patients.

Outsourced drug repackaging improves patient safety and optimizes pharmacy operations

For institutional pharmacies, limited time and resources often prevent pharmacy staff from being able to ensure each order is repackaged into unit-dose following all quality and regulatory standards. It also pulls valuable pharmacy staff from other critical areas of work. 

For example, if a pharmacy has a bulk bottle of medication containing 200 doses, a pharmacist must
repackage that bulk bottle into 200 separate doses based on drug formats like:

Unit-dose oral solids

Liquid unit-dose cups

Oral syringes

ENFit syringes

Safecor Health is cGMP, ISMP, ASHP, and USP compliant, registered with the FDA, and licensed with the DEA and all applicable state agencies. We also use stability testing on various packaging formats and drugs as necessary to ensure quality, safety, regulatory compliance, and proper expiration dating. We also track each drug and lot number for every medication that we repackage, so if there is a recall, you’ll be notified immediately. 

Our quality processes are the primary reason why hundreds of pharmacies across the United States utilize Safecor Health for their unit-dose drug repackaging.

Our process

Step 1

The hospital orders the medications through their wholesaler on a Bill To/Ship To repackaging account.

Step 2

The wholesaler delivers the hospital repackaging order to Safecor Health.

Step 3

Safecor Health repackages the hospital’s order according to their specific needs.

Step 4

The repackaged medications are shipped from Safecor Health directly to the hospital pharmacy ready to dispense.


At Safecor Health, we understand that each hospital pharmacy we serve is unique. That’s why our repackaging and bar coding formats support most pharmacy systems and scanning hardware. We also help hospitals implement cost savings and patient safety initiatives, including label standardization, bar codes, and product standardization. Our standard labels automatically include Tall Man lettering (using FDA and ISMP lists), and notations for hazardous and light-sensitive medications. 

We offer a broad portfolio of repackaging capabilities and formats including:

Unit-dose oral solids

Safecor Health’s oral solid unit-dose packaging provides a range of packaging options including unit-dose strips and robot-compatible packaging.

Liquid unit-dose cups

Our liquid unit-dose cups deliver an accurate dose to the patient and are available in hospital-specified doses and multiple cup sizes.

Oral syringes

Our unit-dose oral syringes include a bar-coded flag label and semi-tamper-evident overwrap bag that is also labeled and bar-coded. Our amber oral syringes are available in several sizes ranging from 0.5 mL to 20 mL.

ENFit syringes

Our services include repackaging medications in NeoMed ENFit syringes. ENFit syringes are available in several sizes ranging from 0.5 mL to 35 mL with your desired dose size and bar code. Purple ENFit tamper-evident caps are also available upon request for controlled substances.

Robot packaging

We offer robot-compatible packaging, robot bar codes, and robot overwraps. Repackaged robot medications come on a cardboard tube to facilitate robot replenishment.

Controlled substances

We repackage most C-II and C-III through V oral solid and liquid medications to deliver the lowest cost-per-dose in unit-dose for institutional pharmacies. Repackaging controlled substances with Safecor Health helps address regulatory compliance and the increased packaging risks associated with controlled substances.

Hazardous drugs

We repackage many hazardous drugs on the NIOSH list to address the USP <800> packaging needs of institutional pharmacies.

340B hospitals

We support the unit-dose repackaging of 340B purchases for Covered Entities (hospitals) through their wholesaler via 340B/GPO/WAC bill to/ship to ordering accounts that are integrated into a hospital’s existing split-billing system and accumulators.

RFID tagging

RFID tags allow hospitals to reduce the time and error associated with manually restocking pharmacy kits and anesthesia trays. Safecor Health provides RFID tagging services for specified vendors (ex. Kit Check) so that fast-moving products arrive at your institution pre-tagged and ready to replenish into specific kits via the vendor’s software.


Safecor Health supports the unique handling and dating requirements of various respiratory medications and provides a unit-dose package with a bar code in flag-label or over-bag formats.

Strategic repackaging can drive savings for your pharmacy.
Are you ready to save?

Small and Midsize Hospitals

Large Hospitals and Health Systems

Outsourced drug repackaging helps save $400-$700 per patient bed annually.
Reduce Waste

Quality, safety, regulatory compliance and expiration dating supported by stability testing

Improve Patient Safety

Quality and medication safety translates to improved safety for patients, too

Free Up Resources

Reallocate valuable pharmacy personnel and capital resources to other critical areas

Prioritize Quality Assurance

Meets FDA, USP, ISMP, cGMP and manufacturer packaging requirements

Utilize Bar Coding and Labeling

Supported by most pharmacy systems/ scanning hardware and meets regulatory compliance