Unit-Dose Repackaging Services

Unit-Dose Repackaging

Whether you need a comprehensive repackaging solution or help with specific drugs or repackaging formats, your pharmacy can depend on Safecor Health for quality unit-dose repackaging solutions that meet your needs.

Safecor Health supports the unit-dose repackaging and bar coding needs of hospitals of all types and sizes, including multi-site and multi-state health systems. Our repackaging and bar coding formats support all pharmacy systems and scanning hardware, and can save your pharmacy more than 50 percent versus packaging in-house.

Unmatched quality and efficiency

Safecor Health is registered with the FDA, licensed by the DEA and achieves the highest standards of quality in the industry. All packaging processes follow proven policies, procedures and quality principles that ensure our products are correctly and accurately packaged and labeled.

Multiple quality checks are documented throughout the packaging process and each production lot is checked by our quality assurance team who inspects all orders prior to shipping. Our quality discipline is the primary reason why hundreds of pharmacies across the United States utilize Safecor Health as the trusted source for repackaging.

Regulatory Requirements. Safecor Health follows FDA, USP, cGMP and manufacturer packaging requirements. Safecor Health also uses stability testing on our various packaging formats as necessary to ensure quality, safety and regulatory compliance.

Recall Notification Service. Safecor Health tracks each NDC and lot number for every medication that we repackage and will notify each applicable customer should a product be recalled by the manufacturer.

Label and Bar Code Expertise. Safecor Health can help hospitals implement cost savings and patient safety initiatives, including label standardization, bar-codes and product standardization. We work with you during the initial setup to establish the required label and bar code template for each type of packaging format. Our standard labels automatically include Tall Man lettering (using FDA and ISMP lists), and notations for hazardous and light-sensitive medications.

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Our Process

  1. Step 1:
    The hospital orders the medications through their wholesaler on a Bill To/Ship To repackaging account.
  2. Step 2:
    The wholesaler delivers the hospital repackaging order to Safecor Health.
  3. Step 3:
    Safecor Health repackages the hospital’s order according to their specific needs.
  4. Step 4:
    The repackaged medications are shipped from Safecor Health directly to the hospital pharmacy ready to dispense.


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